Friday, October 07, 2011

Weekend In The Mountains: Fernwood Cottage

Continuing on my recap of our anniversary weekend--

We've been to Fernwood Cottage several times now and we love it! It's a beautiful location, quiet and affordable, especially if you stay several nights. In addition, there is lots to see and do within a reasonable driving distance. We also appreciate the fact that there is a kitchen in the suite because we like to do a lot of our own cooking while there.



I love the coziness of the cabin. We estimate the suite to be about 400-500 square feet. During this visit, I wondered if we could actually live in such a small space. I think I might like it; it always feels like playing house! But I'm pretty sure we still have way too much stuff to pull it off!

 The landscaping and gardens are lovely!
 It's nice to sit down by the lake too! Although we haven't fished here, they say there are a lot of fish.

Fernwood Cottage is such a great place to relax!

**Hope you don't get tired of pictures from our weekend away... camera-happy me took quite a few pictures! So several more posts!


That corgi :) said...

I love that cottage! It looks so inviting!! Honestly, if it was just me, I could make it work with that small space, not sure where we would put all of hubby's guitars and music supplies, but the simpler, the better I like.

It does look like a nice place to get away to!

(I think we are going to make your eggplant recipe this weekend; showed it to my hubby, he's the cook in our house, and he said it looked good :)

enjoy the weekend!


Tracy said...

*Beautiful* looks like something out of a story book!

tea said...

Looks lovely! What a great place to spend an anniversary!

I always think it would be fun to live in a small simple cabin like that. ..Our house is small, but doesn't have the open-ness of the cabin type set up.

Kathryn D. Duke said...

this is so special!! I would just love to stay in a cottage like this.Hope you had a VERY special time with your hubby!!

Katie said...

So cozy and refreshing! You and hubby look so happy together. =) Fun times!