Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weekend In The Mountains: Fields Of The Wood

Yet another post on our weekend getaway! "Will she ever stop?"you wonder. :-)

Fields Of The Wood was mentioned as a place of interest on the cottage's website. The idea of God's Word written and displayed on the mountainside and all through the park seemed really neat to me and I wanted to check it out!

 The Ten Commandments. 
Click to enlarge so you can read it. 

 Pretty scenery. 

 I will admit that Fields Of The Wood wasn't quite as charming as I thought it would be. I was expecting something more like this, I guess! But it was an interesting stop, nonetheless, and the drive to the park  is gorgeous. Besides, God's Word being displayed for all to see is a good thing too!

 Spotted these barns on the way to the park and loved it! Andy was kind enough to stop on the way out so I could get a picture.


That corgi :) said...

I think, like you, just having a place where God's word is on display like the Field of Woods is good; it looked like an interesting place to visit (at least once, right?) How neat you got to see the Billy Graham library! I reviewed his book Billy Graham in Quotes for Book Sneeze, that man is so wise, its one book I want to keep around to refer back to (but of course always the Bible first :)

I'm enjoying your weekend adventure posts; it is always fun to see sights from other parts of the country


Katie said...

Please don't stop ~ you've posted on such lovely places, I've been taking note!

I agree ~ having God's Words displayed in such a manner is such a blessing! Even if this wasn't all that charming of a place, I still believe it is one I would've enjoy visiting. Marking this on my wishlist. =)

Happy weekend!

Amy Hand said...

Mary Ann, I grew up about 30 minutes away from Fields of the Wood in a little town called Murphy, NC. I love to go back in the fall or spring when I can. The mountains are so peaceful and inspiring at the same time. Enjoyed your pictures! Brought back a lot of memories!