Thursday, July 22, 2010

Waste Not, Want Not

During our recent canning adventure, we were left with quite a bit of tomato juice in the bowl we had used for the peeled tomatoes.

Naturally, I didn't want this to go to waste! We poured it into containers to use in soup later on when the weather is a bit cooler. I ended up with two containers of tomato juice to freeze.

Cutting down on waste by trying to find a use for every little bit of food is one way I'm able to reduce our food costs.

What have you done recently to reduce waste in your kitchen?


Debbie J said...

I love that you made use of every bit of the juice.

Recently we have been making an extra effort to use leftovers and also not to over cook so there aren't as many leftovers. I am cooking from the pantry as much as possible so those items don't go out of date.

Sandy@ The Mommys Place said...

We usually freeze leftover as to not waste.We try to make something new out of the little bits here and there.

Just last week I went on vacation and my husband forgot to freeze a few items, which we had to throw out. It made me feel terrible to waste food that was so tasty and good.

So glad you were able to save your juice, that is good.