Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Thrifty Stock-a-holic

I am not anywhere near a shop-a-holic but I do love to stock up on good deals whenever I find them. I guess this makes me a stock-a-holic!

Back-to-school sales are now in full swing and there are many deals to be had. You do not need to have school-age children, or any children at all, for that matter, to take advantage of some of these deals!

Today I'm highlighting a few of the deals we got this week.


Paper @ $4.99 each then get $4.98 back for each via rebate = 1 cent reams of paper. (Sorry! This deal ended Wednesday 7/28!)
3 pack of Scotch tape @ $1 each with in-ad coupon.
Packing tape @ $1 each with in-ad coupon.
Really useful boxes @ 25 cent each.

I used a 15% coupon which brought my total to $12.73.
I'll receive a $9.98 rebate back for the paper which brings my total for all of the above to $2.75!

View the Staples weekly ad here. There is also an awesome backpack deal going on there this week. Backpacks are FREE after rebate! (Use the 15% coupon to sweeten the deal.) I didn't have the money to purchase the backpack up front and neither do I need any more backpacks and bags but this is a great deal if you need one or even would be a great item to donate!

**If you missed the 1 cent paper deal this week, Office Depot has a ream of paper for 95 cents after rebate! Not quite as cheap as 1 cent but still a very good deal!**


As much as I despise shopping at Wal-mart, they do occasionally have really good deals!

While there this week, I purchased:

Glue sticks @ 25 cents a pack.
Crayons @ 25 cents a pack.
Notebooks @15 cents each.

Crayons, glue sticks and the Really Useful boxes from Staples will be great items to add to our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes! I also use the crayons for the crayon rolls that I make to give and sell.


Not related to back-to-school deals but look at this super cute mirror I purchased this week at Goodwill for $1.99! It still had the tag on the front when I bought it, so either it was brand-new or the previous owner just left the tag on. :-) I love it!

Have you found any deals this week that you'd like to brag about?


Melanie said...

Good for you! You got some great deals!
I'll be doing that soon with my daughter. She likes to pick out her own stuff for school. :)

Rhonda said...

I got spirals for 10 cents on my one shopping trip this week. baby granddaughter has been keeping me at home.

love that mirror! it looks really big and nice.

Wendi said...

I was able to get Crest for $1 for a 6.4 oz tube this week. My hubby is a toothpaste snob and that is best I have seen it in a long time around here. I love the mirror!

gail said...

love the mirror! great find. i love the notebooks too. i try to stock up every fall.

Mary Ann said...


Actually, the mirror is fairly small; about 8 x 10 size. But the angle of the picture makes it look larger doesn't it? :-)

Mary Ann said...


We prefer Crest here too! We are brand-specific on a few things, so I just use coupons when I have them and stock up when there's a good sale.

Mary Ann said...


I always like to get a stack of notebooks every year. We are both writers; actually I love to just make lists and plans for everything, but still, we love our notebooks for everything! These make great gifts for our nieces and nephews as well; those kids love notebooks to doodle in!

Denise said...

I think I would qualify as a "stock-a-holic" too, I prefer to stock up when the prices are low.

Debbie J said...

You did good Mary Ann! I bought some items for my shoeboxes at Walgreens. Mine are for girls this year so I picked girlie colors in everything.

Kathryn said...

I had a 15% off coupon for Staples and a $30 credit for recycling my ink cartridges. I was able to get a backpack for Knox's birthday, the paper, a couple of notebooks for me, and a few little odds and ends. It ended up being around $10.50 OOP, and I will get back almost $30 for the backpack and paper. This is almost as good as CVS! That's a great mirror. I found a great one at a yard sale for you, and then I tried to pick it up---it had a medicine cabinet attached to the back of it. haha!