Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Thanks for all your prayers and kind words on this post!

My dad is feeling a whole lot better since starting the prescribed medication. The doctor said it was a "touch of pneumonia" since they caught it early, which is a very good thing.

My grandma came through her surgery just fine. The doctor removed a foot and a half of her colon. The questionable "shadows" or spots they saw earlier did turn out to be cancerous so we're glad they removed it. Please continue to pray for her recovery. For nearing 90, she is a spunky lady and is in pretty good health overall.

Scott is still hanging in there. However, he is fading fast. They moved him to a Hospice House not far from their home where they are attempting to make his last days as peaceful and comfortable as possible. He will be receiving his eternal reward very soon. It is difficult to see someone our own age going through this. Certainly a reminder that life is precious and fleeting.

Andy will be returning home tomorrow. This was not an easy trip for him as he said his good-byes to one of his best friends but he feels he has accomplished what the Lord sent him to do.

I'll be glad to have him back. I've missed him.:-)

Thanks for praying and caring!


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Denise said...

Thank you for the update, times like this certainly have us thanking God for our many blessing. Will continue to pray for your family and friends.