Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Milk Substitutions

I wanted to bake a couple of items several weeks ago and discovered that I was out of milk and both recipes called for it.

Rather than changing my mind and not baking those two items, I decided instead to try to substitute something I had on hand for the milk.

I did have sour cream and plain yogurt so I decided to try both of those as substitutes.

I used plain yogurt in the cinnamon rolls and sour cream in the rhubarb dumplings. I thinned both with a bit of water to make it a bit more of a milk consistency.

Both turned out great! Since the cinnamon rolls were a new recipe, I can't compare them to anything, but the rhubarb dumpling dough was especially rich with sour cream instead of milk.

What milk substitutions have you discovered as you cook? Please share!

**Thanks to Tammy's Recipes for hosting Kitchen Tip Tuesdays!


Angela and Janette said...

I would never have thought to do that. Thanks. I have substituted applesauce for oil. It usually works great.

mub said...

This isn't really a milk "substitute" because it's still milk, but I like to keep cartons of shelf stable milk on hand for recipes so I can drink my fresh milk instead of using it for cooking!

Alea said...

Great idea! I keep powdered milk on hand for such cases, but I bet your substitutions added more flavor and creaminess to your recipes!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for commenting!

I used to always have powdered milk on hand for when I ran out of fresh milk. But don't have any right now.

If you are using whole milk, you can dilute it 50/50 with water for baking and you can't tell the difference. It stretches further that way too!

In regular bread, I always use water instead of milk, since I think milk makes a drier finished product.

Just a few more things I thought to add!

--Mary Ann