Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grass-Fed Beef

We are so excited about our first order of grass-fed beef!

For our first order, we kept it pretty small to try it out.

Here's what we got:

--3 packages of ground beef

--3 packages of stew meat

--1 chuck roast

--1 eye of round(I am excited to try this cut. They said this is their personal favorite and is very tender cooked in 1 inch slices, as cutlets.)

--1 big bag of bones for broth, soup and maybe even one or two for the dog!

If we like the meat, our next order will be larger.

I did gulp a bit at the price. But I then realized that it's probably not that much more expensive than regular-priced meat at the grocery store. From what I've read about grass-fed beef, I'm hoping that the health benefits will far outweigh the price and be totally worth it! Another positive aspect is supporting a local family farm. I love it!

Dinner tonight: Grass-fed burgers on the grill!


gail said...

how wonderful! you'll have to let me know if you can taste a difference. we've often thot about doing that as well, but right now don't have a freezer. and the price up front always gets ya, but you're right its probably not much more than the groc store prices.

Mary Ann said...

We like the cuts we've tried so far. It has a slightly different flavor, rather earthy or grassy. Because it is so lean, it is better slow cooked and the ground beef may need a bit of oil when cooking because there is so little grease.

--Mary Ann