Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top Dog!

We took our dog Rock to Petsmart's pet birthday party last night. He's always up for an outing and since we're suckers for free events, especially ones that promise free goodie bags, we loaded him up and off we went!

The first event was to get your pet's picture taken for free. Rock was rather uncooperative. I had hoped to get some good shots with our camera and he just couldn't handle it. He was too excited to see all the people and other dogs.

One game they played was "Musical Sits", a doggie variation of the classic "Musical Chairs". On each round, the last dog to sit was eliminated. We thought it would be fun to let Rock try, mainly because we thought the whole "Musical Sits" thing was hilarious!

To our surprise, he won the game! His prizes included:
--$5 Petsmart gift card
--coupon for a free nail trim
--$50 in Purina coupons(to be mailed to us)

Oh, and we also got our free goodie bag which was loaded with dog food and treat samples!

Wow! At least the dog knows when it's really important to cooperate!

Since none of the store pictures I took turned out that great, here's an at-home picture of our Top Dog shortly after his big win!

**Rock would like to thank the good people of Canine Carry Outs whose Chicken Griller treats made this victory possible!


Kathryn said...

Knox is looking forward to seeing Cousin Rock this weekend!

Abbie Byers said...

That is so fun!!! Good job Rock :)

gail said...

way to go Rock!!! what great prizes you got--

can't wait til we can get a dog again. i miss our daisy!

Lines From The Vine said...

Very cute Mary Ann! Congrats to your doggie. : )