Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Trip To The Billy Graham Library

While my parents were visiting last week, we took them to the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC. Since Charlotte is only a short drive from our home, this was a great little day trip.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the outing. There was such a peace throughout the grounds there. Hymns played both outside and in.

It was interesting to learn more about the Grahams lives and to follow his ministry through the years. We came away with a new understanding and awe, not so much of Billy Graham the man, but what God can do with one person who is completely committed to Him.

Since Billy Graham was raised on a dairy farm in Charlotte, the site reflects that with Billy's parents farmhouse and the library which is built to look like a barn. The cafe inside is aptly named "The Dairy Bar" and is a great place to eat lunch after the tour.

We highly recommend visiting the library if you are in the Charlotte area. We can't wait to go back again!

Billy Graham's childhood home.

Beautiful gardens on the grounds.

The library. Notice the cross at the entrance. At the end of the tour, we exited through a cross also. Very powerful!

Ruth Bell Graham's grave in the prayer garden. What a wise and Godly woman she was! Her husband counted her as his most trusted adviser. The symbol on her grave is the Chinese symbol for righteousness. I really loved what she had chosen to have written on her gravestone-"End of construction-thank you for your patience."

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