Sunday, August 31, 2008

Haven Swap!

I was happy to be able to participate in Carrie and Monica's latest swap. It was really fun to find gifts that worked into the "haven" theme.

My swap partner was Gail. I had never read her blog or even heard of her before we were assigned as partners. What a sweet lady she is! It was interesting to email back and forth with Gail and learn more about her family. Since I am from Oregon, it was great to talk to another fellow West Coaster!

Gail and her family recently moved to Boise, so my main goal in packing her box was to pick out things that would help them to feel at home in their new home!

Gail loves color and we both love Mary Engelbreit, so I was able to create a colorful box for her.

Here's what I came up:
-a jar of M&M's
-a homemade apron in bright colors
-a bag of our favorite Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Mix
-a Mary Engelbreit magnetic memo pad
-a Mary Engelbreit magnet
-Walnut Whip hand soap
-a CD of "Havenly Music"-a mix of some of our favorite praise tunes
-a handful of miniature pumpkins and acorns for fall decorating

I made little tags for each gift with sayings and verses about home and family on each one.

I was so excited to get my box from Gail as well. She gathered some wonderful gifts for me. Thank you, Gail!

Here's the contents of my box:
-a new issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion-I've loved reading this again!
-a set of Mary Engelbreit note cards which will be perfect for framing!
-a bar of sandalwood soap
-a spice-scented potpourri tart
-a little Home Sweet Home sign
-a relaxing classical CD(not pictured-already in the CD player!)
-a beaded keychain
-a small round Mary Engelbreit box-I love these for storing little things.
-a bottle of Coconut Lime foot scrub
-a picture frame

Thanks Carrie and Monica for hosting another swap. I always enjoy the sense of community that I get from getting to know and swapping with another sweet lady from the blog-o-sphere!

To view more contents of swap boxes, visit Carrie's blog!


*carrie* said...

Mary Ann,

So glad you joined us for the swap. I love the colorful box you put together for Gail. Looks like you're both ME fans!

gail said...

so glad everything came thru ok, i was a bit worried about mailing liquids. have fun with everything.

next time i'm going to do tags like you did. fun, fun!

thehomespunheart said...

Hi Mary Ann!

You are a great swapper! I love what you sent and the neat goodies you received too! So glad you had fun! :)