Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Date With My Food Processor

Ok, maybe that sounds a bit odd...But this morning, I scheduled time to use my food processor! I do this from time to time when I have a bunch of different things to chop, puree or shred. It is a most wonderful time-saver and servant!

A food processor is a wonderful tool but also can be a pain to get out and then wash after every little chore. So when I use it, I try to think of everything I need to do while it's out. I wipe or rinse it out between foods and then just wash it all when I'm finished.

Today, in a very short time, I pureed strawberries and bananas for a week's worth of daily green smoothies(my blender needs to be replaced so I'm improvising!), then shredded a head of cabbage, a bunch of carrots and 2 blocks of cheese.

Meal prep is a cinch when a lot of the prep work is done already!

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*carrie* said...

How very efficient! I usually use my blender for all that stuff, but I wondered if a food processer would be more effective for certain things. Would you recommend the one you have?