Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Cleaning-Living Room

Today I started my first session of spring cleaning in the living room! I knew it was dirty as it had not been thoroughly cleaned for well over a year. But as I went along, I was quite embarrassed to discover the cakes of dust and cobwebs-it was worse than what I see on the surface every day. The living room is the largest room in my house, but relatively uncluttered-still with a few breaks and interruptions, it took me most of the day to complete the whole room.

I started with this list to keep me focused and on track:
  • wash curtains
  • clean blinds(I took them outside and scrubbed with ammonia water, then sprayed them off and hung them on the fence to dry! They were filthy!)
  • wash windows
  • sweep cobwebs
  • vacuum carpets and couches/cushions
  • clean baseboards, doors and doorways, window frames and sills
  • dust everything
  • wash afghans
  • clean fan
  • wash light fixture
  • clean fireplace and tile in front
We moved all the furniture out into the middle of the room and cleaned behind. We also moved the T.V. out and cleaned in that corner-this had not been done in a long, long time-horrors! I also wanted to clean the outside windows, but I haven't figured out how to remove the storm windows and screens yet.

I am tired tonight, but feel quite accomplished to have such a sparkly clean and nice-smelling living room! I'm going to try to go ahead and work on the dining room tomorrow!

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myheartisalwayshome said...

Congratulations! I could not believe how horrible things were when I started pulling things out. I love it when things are spic & span.

thehomespunheart said...

GREAT job! Sounds like you did a thorough job and can enjoy the feeling of a job well done!