Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Cleaning-Dining Room

Today I tackled the dining room! I got a faster start since I knew what kind of cleaners to use and a faster way to do some of the tasks. This is a small room, but a lot of furniture is packed in there, so there were a lot of details.

Here's what I accomplished:
  • wash curtains
  • wash blinds
  • wash windows
  • sweep cobwebs
  • clean light fixture
  • clean microwave(kitchen is small so microwave and most of my appliances live in the dining room on a baker's rack)
  • wipe all appliances
  • clean glassware(I filled the dishwasher with all the vases and dishes from my hutch first thing this morning. They were clean and ready to go back up as soon as I got the hutch cleaned off!)
  • dust and wipe down everything
  • vacuum carpet
  • clean table and chairs
  • wipe down baseboards, doorways, window frames, sills and any spots on the walls
This took me about 3 hours to do and I still have a few items on my list that I didn't complete, but will work on tomorrow. I won't be cleaning a room tomorrow, but rather finishing up the dining room and getting ready for the weekend!

This is what I still need to do:
  • clean pictures and wall decorations
  • rearrange and straighten bookshelves
  • hang a couple of pictures
  • clean cabinets under the hutch
I would go ahead and finish those few tasks now, but I am taking dinner to a friend who is under doctor's orders to rest for a couple of days. So I wanted to allow enough time to get the food fixed and delivered.

I'll be doing more spring cleaning next week-the kitchen, laundry room and also the hallway! This deep-cleaning is tiring but so rewarding!

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Mrs.B. said...

These kinds of posts are my favorite! It's such fun to see how other KAH's spend their days and you are spurring me on to continue my own Spring cleaning! (o: