Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday-Flu And Cold Season Preparation

Now is the time of year where I start to prepare for the flu and cold season by stocking up on "sick supplies". I try to keep regular cold and flu remedies on hand throughout the year, but as the seasons change, I am reminded to take note of what I have and what I need more of. Having these items on hand will hopefully eliminate those late night and early morning emergency trips to Wal-Mart as well as making it easier to get well if I am the one who gets sick.

Here is a list of what I keep on hand throughout the winter:

In the medicine cabinet:
-Cold and Allergy meds
-extra asthma meds for me
-Vitamin C
-Vaseline(for chapped lips and peeling noses)
-working thermometer

In the kitchen:
-Ginger Ale or 7-up
-Chicken Noodle Soup (also ingredients to make my own)
-Saltine crackers
-variety of juices-Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry
-lots of water, of course!:-)

In the house:
-extra sheets and blankets(just in case!:-)

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kel said...

That is a good idea to get it now and not be caught unprepared.

Bessers said...

This is a good list. I checked it to be sure I had everything on hand and will make sure I get those things I don't. Thanks.

Beck said...

Oh, that's smart. I always get caught short when my kids catch the inevitable stomach bugs.

Jennifer said...

Great idea. I'm always running out (or sending dh) for juice or soup. I don't know why I don't think ahead like this. I'm adding some things to my grocery list for tomorrow right now!

Barbara H. said...

Great idea. It's hard to be too sick to go out and get what you need, or home with a sick child and not be able to bring him to the store.

Katrina said...

Ah, yes, I was just thinking about this. Especially with cold medicine at many drugstores being inaccessible during non-pharmacy hours these days... it's a good idea to stock up in advance. I'm going to print out your list for my next errand day. Thanks!

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Oh what a great idea. I love having the "let's be ready" state of mind!

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Susanne said...

Very good idea! I'm notorious for not having things on hand and running out at 10:30 at night for cold or cough meds.

Mrs.Garcia said...

Mary Ann, Thank you for this very helpful tip.
My Family and I can greatly benefit from this tip on being prepared for Cold and Flu Season as well.

Amy said...

You are such a smart girl! I will definitely need to do this...

We just got our tip up at my blog too- feel free to swing by!!

Christine said...

Great idea! I hate having a sick child and realizing I'm out of something. Thanks!

Mary said...

Great idea! When I lived in California, I had an earth quake kit, but never thought of a cold kit.

Blessed Assurances said...

Great idea-thank you for the list- I will add all to my grocery list since we have to replenish from last season

"Merci" said...

Great idea and I love the list! I'm going to print it. We just had two weeks of major sickness here and I had people running to the grocery store for me repeatedly. Inconvenient and embarrassing! Thanks for the suggestion!

"Merci" said...
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Larae said...

Great ideas!

happychyck said...

I LOVE this idea. I'm also a fan of Airborne now (maybe instead of zinc, echninacia & Vit C combo). For kids it's a half a tablet. When they come home and start to get stiffly, I start them on the Airborne. Me, too! Like zinc, echinacea & vit C, it seems to zap those nasty bugs, or at least decrease the amount of time they are sick.

Magi said...

You'd think by now I would know to plan ahead, but nooooooo. I always seem to wait until I get sick to go stock up on these supplies. Great suggestion!