Friday, September 08, 2006

Frugal Fridays- More Ground Beef

This is a very simple tip, one that some of you might already know about. But for the rest of us....:-)

I buy the 5 pound rolls of ground beef at Wal-Mart. I used to always cut them into 1 pound chunks to freeze in ziploc bags. Now I cut the roll into 6 pieces instead of 5. We get at least one more meal out of the roll and when mixed into soups or casseroles, we never miss the extra meat!

Another way to stretch the meat is to add a spoonful or two of browned ground beef to a freezer container every time you cook some. After a couple of weeks, you will have enough for another recipe.

These are just little ways that I'm able to stretch our grocery dollars a little further!

Thanks to Crystal at Biblical Womanhood for graciously hosting Frugal Fridays! Be sure to check out her blog for links to more frugal tips. You are also invited to join in the fun!


Mom2fur said...

I think the idea of adding a little browned ground beef at a time to a freezer container is a great one! We like spaghetti and enchiladas and tacos--it would be great to have an extra 'stash' of meat just for one of those meals.

Anonymous said...

I like your tip! I like to try to use less meat in things if possible, to save money, though my husband loves meat and wouldn't want me to get too frugal on that ;) But I have been adding beans to some dishes and he doesn't mind, and it's a nice budget help. :)

~Tammy (from

Crystal said...

This is a great tip - I do something similar in that I cook all the chicken after I buy a bag and then chop and divide it up into meal size portions in baggies and freeze - I've found I can make it last for at least 1-2 more meals that way.

Thanks for participating in our first Frugal Friday!

Jem B said...

glad to see your blog, enjoyed the ideas and recipes and find Kathryn's thru it too.