Tuesday, March 17, 2015

At Home This Week

It's March Madness time! 

Last year was my first time filling out a bracket. I had no idea what I was doing but it was so much fun, I did another one this year! 

It will be interesting to see how it turns out. Andy and I picked the same champion of the whole tournament but different ways of getting there! ;-)

Last week went well. I accomplished most things on my list. Just not the deep cleaning. In fact, due to a pretty hectic schedule the next few weeks, I'm putting that on hold. I am still decluttering and putting things aside for our yard sale though. 

On tap for this week:

Gather tax info
Tax appointment
Dehydrate bag of apples
Take dinner to friends one night
Small grocery trip
Trash to dump--done!
Pick up dry cleaning    
Sew 4 kitchen towels--done! Actually made 6 yesterday. 
Cut out and sew 4 aprons. 

This list is in addition to my work outside the home and basic housekeeping (meals, laundry, cleaning, etc.). 

What's going on in your home this week?

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Wendi said...

My plans for the week have changed. Since my dryer died and my washer has been on its last leg for a while we took the plunge and bought a new set. That means I will be deep cleaning, purging and organizing my little laundry area. It will be a good time to tackle it since the washer and dryer have to be moved anyway. Of course there is the normal babysitting, cooking and general housework.

It is wonderful to see you posting again! Have a great week.