Friday, December 27, 2013

About Those Recycled Storage Jars...

Since I'm in the midst of a two week vacation from work, I finally got around to finishing some of  these recycled jars for craft storage.

One lid was gold and the other painted black so I just left them as they were. Of the four that were left, I painted two of them red and then mod-podged fabric on the other two.

I received these awesome chalkboard labels for Christmas so I put a label on each jar and wrote the contents on the labels with a chalk marker.

To store zippers, I wrapped an old formula can with burlap and tied it with ribbon. Simple and functional!

Cost for project: Free!  Everything was either recycled or something I had on hand and the labels were a gift. 

I'm super pleased with how the jars turned out--much more organized than before too!


Rhonda said...

your jars are very cute, usefull too.

it is nice to see blog posts from you.

Wendi said...

Those mod-podged fabric lids are super cute! I have some MS chalkboard labels I am using in my pantry.

Enjoy your vacation!

Debbie J said...

I love how they turned out. Cute and very useful. Good job!

Melanie said...

What cute storage jars!! I've never seen chalkboard labels, but that is really neat!
Your Christmas tree was so pretty.
Hope you have a great year! :-)