Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So I Cut My Own Hair

Yes, I did!

I wanted a haircut. We're in the midst of a no-spend month. I had a hair cutting kit that had never been used. Why not use it now? (I didn't use the clippers--just the scissors and comb!)

I followed these instructions. I have a natural side part so I parted my hair on the side in the front and in the middle in the back instead of all in the middle like she instructs. 
I was much more excited about this endeavor than my husband but he was willing to photograph the experience for me. And witness my early morning insanity, hoping that it would not be a train wreck!

Me: "If this works, I'll save us at least $15!"
Him: "And if it doesn't, it'll cost us at least $30."
Me: "Pretty much!"

This was all done before my morning shower so no makeup or anything fancy! 


Parting the hair to divide for cutting:

First cut:

 This looks more lop-sided than in real life! :-)

My thoughts about cutting my own hair:
  • I chose a dry cut because cutting wet hair can result in a shorter cut than intended.
  • This was a simple cut; no layers. Nothing fancy-smancy! Layers, pixies, and bobs would take much more expertise.
  • My hair is more on the wavy/rebellious side. The disadvantage of not having straight hair is that it was more difficult to pull and comb it down straight before cutting. The advantage of wavy hair is that it hides imperfections such as not quite getting it cut evenly since it curls up at the ends.
  • My hair is also very thick. It would be easier to cut in more than two sections next time. Between the waviness and the thickness, it took more  than one snip across to get each section done!
  • One side seems to be a little shorter than the other. This doesn't bother me. I don't think I'm usually still long enough for someone to notice--LOL!!! Furthermore, I figured I'd do more damage if I kept trying to get it even so I just left it at good enough. Plus, it's still long enough to pull back in a pony tail if I decide it looks awful after a few days.
  • The most difficult part was trimming the "V" at the back once both sides were cut. I enlisted my photographer's help for this--he was scared to do it but did just fine!
  • I washed my hair right after my cut and love how it looked after. Bouncy and curly on the ends!
  • I really like my new haircut! I think that it looks very similar  to haircuts I've paid to have done. So I'm happy to have done it myself for free!
I'm certainly not a professional hair stylist and I don't plan to start cutting my friends' hair any time soon. It's nice to know I can give myself a simple cut at home though and with practice I'll probably get better at it!

Do you cut your own hair? Would you like to try?


thehomespunheart said...

It looks great - you did a good job! I have cut my own hair! I cut it myself for years and years - now I get it cut professionally about twice a year and sort of manage the inbetweens myself :)

Debbie J said...

You did a good job! Looks great! You can do this in the future and save even more money.

Once my beautician kept trimming my hair trying to get it just right and it ended up being a lot shorter than I intended. So you were right not to keep trimming. It looks even to me.

Rhonda said...

I've cut my hair too. My hair is also wavy and curly but I don't have thick hair. It is thin and fine. If I just trim the ends a bit, there is even enough cut off to make a little paint brush.
We really are DIYers.