Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dividing Nuts Into Portions

 Each month we buy some bags of nuts for snacks, usually from Trader Joe's. Their nuts don't have unhealthy oils and are very good quality.

Nuts are expensive and eating too many of them is counter-productive to weight loss.

So to help them last longer and make sure we ,meaning I, eat only an appropriate amount, I've started portioning them out into small containers and baggies at the beginning of the month.

We love this--the nuts are ready to grab and go and they last longer too!

When following the serving size recommended on the back of the bag, we end up with 15-16 servings of each kind of nut.

I don't have enough reusuable snack containers so I used sandwich bags too. To cut down on waste, we just put the empty bag back in the snack box to reuse the next month!

This has worked so well, I've been prepackaging other things too like cottage cheese and grapes. Super handy for packing lunches!

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