Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Frugal Five

Once again, it's time to share five frugal things from my week.

Here goes...

1. We had really warm weather over the weekend. We opened the windows instead of turning on the AC. Today we're back to cooler temps.

2. Combined some errands to save gas $$.

3. While at the dump, I noticed some boxes of glassware on the "Free Paint" table. I noticed some plates in one box; I am looking for some extra plates for hosting our Sunday fellowship. The attendant said I could help myself to whatever I wanted. I picked out 4 plates that weren't chipped and left the rest. Not really my style but will certainly work until I find something else! 

4. Went to a few yard sales on Saturday. Found some curtain fabric in the shade of purple we're planning to redecorate our bedroom in for $3. At the next sale, I found a bathroom rug in the same shade for 50 cents. So a frugal master bedroom/bath redo is on the horizon!
This shows the paint colors we're looking at.

5. Used some coupons-- Earth Fare sent out some good coupons for free cheese (with $5 purchase) and 1/2 price sausage this week; we were going anyways so we took advantage of the deals. Used a Deal Saver coupon (a local Groupon-style site) for lunch on Saturday--other than the tip, we spent nothing out of pocket! We love buying Groupons for restaurants we enjoy; it stretches our eating out money significantly since it's often 50% or more off the purchase price.

How have you saved money this week?


Anonymous said...

You did great! Share some pics of your bathroom redo if you can. Ours is going to be purple too,,, but so far I only have the paint and the handtowels.
Love your blog!

Mary Ann said...


The bedroom/bathroom redo will probably not be happening for a couple of months yet but I will share pictures when we do it!