Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Frugal Five

 Some frugal things this week:

1. Used a Groupon we had purchased to get lunch one day. We had paid $10 for a $20 Groupon to a local restaurant. We got enough food for two full meals for both of us by only paying 26 cents extra!

2. Used some coupons-- FREE yogurt parfaits at Chick-fil-a, 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby!

3. Andy had some postcards from his business that were outdated. They are only printed on one side so I rescued them from the trash and put them with my scrap papers--perfect for daily and weekly to-do lists! He has also been saving the tear-off daily calendar sheets from his desk calendar; we won't need to buy note paper for a very long time.

4. We purchased new eye glasses online for a fraction of the price of buying from a local vision center. I will be sharing more about this in another post, but I received my order yesterday and they appear to be very good quality.

5.  Made homemade laundry detergent. We've been using this for at least 2 years now and are still very pleased with it. And it's cheap!

How have you saved money this week?


Rhonda said...

I am in frugal mode once again after a little relaxing of it during husbands down time. We also found out we have a big plumbing bill soon as our water pressure problem is partly caused by something blocking our pipes.

So, we are eating all meals at home, air drying laundry, shopping little and very carefully.

Wendi said...

This week I:

*Put my gas money on a WalMart gift card and was able to save $0.05 a gallon when I use the gift card to pay.

*Chuck shopped around online and was able to get the parts to repair our dishwasher for $37 instead the $100 local price.

*Was able to purchase snow pants for Megan next year for $6.00. More then 75% off the regular price!

*Turned a broken picture frame into a menu chalkboard.

*Cut apart egg cartons and wrote ABC's on them to use for learning games.

Katie said...

Yay for Hobby Lobby coupons!!! :-)

*We've been making homemade laundry soap for over a year now. I haven't done the math, but we are pretty sure we are saving money by doing this. I just noticed you used Zote. Does that smell good? We've used Ivory and Fels Naptha, but I'm getting tired of the Fels Naptha fragrance. :-)

*Our license plate tabs were due for renewal this month, and we had to get safety & emissions tests done before we could renew. I found a CarX coupon for a free safety test ($12 value) ~ woo hoo!

*Been very loyal patrons of our local Christian library. :-) I've watched the entire Homestead Blessings series now ~ all by borrowing them from the library! So grateful!

Thanks again for inspiring us to be good stewards! :-)