Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trash Picked Picnic Basket

Whenever I see things on the curb, I just cannot resist taking a quick look! I've gotten a number of nice things this way.

As I was walking the dog on Trash Day this week, I noticed this picnic basket by the curb. So cute...but it was a little broken on one side. I thought about whether or not I should pick up something that was damaged while we continued our walk and by the time I got back to it, I picked it up and carried it home with me.

I set it on my front porch, the broken side to the wall so we can't see it, covered it with an extra kitchen towel I had and placed a plant on top. The inside is a great storage place for the kids' outdoor toys such as bubbles, sidewalk chalk, bag of sand toys and small balls.

I love trash picking! :-)


Rhonda said...

that is so cute and useful!
I used to trash pick, but our town switched to great big trash cans that get dumped once a week by automated trucks. So, everything goes in the big cans or does not get picked up.
The neighborhood looks neater on trash day but I do miss the trash picking.

you will just have to pick enough for both of us, OK?

Wendi said...

It looks really cute and you can never have enough storage space!

Bevy said...

What a fabulous idea. I love the multi-purpose stuff it can do. Looks great and who knew it was hiding stuff inside - other then what it was intended for.