Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yard Sale Treasures

One activity my husband and I really enjoy doing together is going to yard sales on Saturday mornings. With gas prices and our schedules, we typically get out about one Saturday a month during yard sale season. It's so much fun! And we score lots of good deals on things that we would need to purchase anyways.

My husband maps out a route from the yard sale ads and I grab my coin purse and list of items we're looking for. We also like to take breakfast and plenty of water along with us.

Here are the treasures we found today:

  • Bumbo seat** --So excited to have one of these! $14
  • Play tent and tunnel. $3
  • Boppy pillow**-- This one is for Baby Boy's mom. She asked me to look for one for her after I scored a Boppy for my house for $1 at a yard sale a few weeks ago. $3
  • Baby comb and brush. $.25
  • Bibs.** $.10 cents each
  • A small assortment of baby and children's clothing to pass along to family and friends**--Can't pass up good quality items for 25 cents each when I know someone who can use them!
  • Vacuum cleaner. **$5
  • Jewelry box.** $1
  • Wireless internet router. ** $3
  • Hair straightening tool.** What's the proper name for these? I'm not really up on these things! $1.50
  • Gingham fabric.$.50
  • Handmade knitted dishcloths. $1/3
  • Electric skillet.** For cooking while traveling. $2
**means items that were on my list.

  I spent a bit more than I normally would on a yard sale day but I'm willing to pay a little more for nice items that we would buy later anyways. I knew a Bumbo seat would not come cheaply; this is the first one I've seen for under $20! I use my spare change for smaller items then dip into our cash envelopes for clothing, household and childcare items that we are looking for.

What kind of yard sale treasures have you found recently?


    Melanie said...

    My goodness, Mary Ann, you found so many great buys!!
    Katie still has her play tent. She just used it a couple nights ago when she and a friend slept in the back yard.
    By the way, the hair straightener is called a flat iron. :)
    Hope you've had a good week.

    Wendi said...

    Great finds! I haven't been out much this season. I was just telling Chuck that I need to find a community yard sale with lots of young families. I don't have many winter items put back for Megan.

    Rhonda said...

    you did great!
    Bumpos are so nice, would you believe I found ours last year for $5? But every other one I've seen has been at least $20 or more.

    I like your red and white check fabric.
    Isn't it great getting things on our list for a fraction of the new? and when we buy things used, someone else has already unpacked it and got rid of the box and packaging.

    Abbie Byers said...

    you did great!

    Anonymous said...

    You found some great treasures! I don't think we have really good yard sales around here.