Monday, June 27, 2011

Planning Monday

On my to-do list:
1) Add some new items to my Etsy shop.
2) Trim bushes in backyard.
3) Mow grass.
4) Pay bills.

Fun for the Kidlets:
Activities for the childcare kids ages 3 months, 1 year and 5 years. Most of these things are for the 5 year old while the babies are sleeping.

5 year old:  
**Salt-absorbing fireworks.
**Simplified version of these 4th of July rockets. Think I'll eliminate the confetti and just do this as a fun little rocket craft. 

1 year old: 
 **Glue and colored salt pictures. Let her spread glue on paper, then sprinkle some colored salt on top for a toddler version of the salt-absorbing fireworks mentioned above!
**Drawing with crayons and markers.

3 month old:
**Lots of tummy time and interaction when awake.

All kidlets:
**Daily walks.
**At least one trip to the playground.
**Stories and songs.

Outdoor activities, weather and time permitting:
**Water play.
**Chalk drawing.

On the menu this week:

Scrambled eggs with veggies (6x)

**Egg salad lettuce wraps, veggies (2x)
**Tuna salad lettuce wraps, veggies (2x)

Supper: All served with either a salad and/or veggie.

1) Italian eggplant bake, salad
2) Sloppy joes-in-a-bowl (with brown rice instead of buns)
3) Meeting: To be decided.
4) Shrimp salad.
5) Dinner and game night with church friends.
6) Beef stir-fry with rice.

**Fruit smoothies (2x)
**Hard-boiled eggs, veggies
**Whatever's left at the end of the week.:-)

**This post is part of Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday!

To ponder this week: 
" Lift your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one, and calls them each by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength not one of them is missing. " Isaiah 40:26.

What's on your mind and to-do list this week?

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Abbie Byers said...

I tried the salt-absorbing fireworks with Morgan today and she had a lot of fun making them. Thanks for the idea!