Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Bottle Brush For Washing Dishes

Since I am obsessed with washing dishes right now, it's appropriate for me to share my favorite tool for cleaning glasses and small items.

A bottle brush.

About five years ago when I was caring for a friend's baby , she brought me an extra bottle brush to use for, well, cleaning bottles.

It wasn't long before I figured out that it was very useful for washing glasses, jars and other hard-to-reach-inside items.

And the baby was long out of bottles by the time I noticed the nipple brush hidden inside the handle.

What can I say? I have my moments...

The nipple brush also comes in very handy for cleaning cake decorating tips and other tight spots, like the ridges in the center of my Bosch Universal mixer bowl.  Cleans them right out!

A cheap bottle brush works for me!

**This post is part of Works For Me Wednesday!

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tea said...

I agree. Even before our son, I bought one to use for those little cups and things. They work really well!! :)