Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home Keeper's Journal

 Today, I'm joining in with Christian Homekeeper's Homekeeper's Journal!

What's happening in my home?

In my kitchen... The Eat From The Pantry Challenge is in full swing! I am in week 2 of the challenge and it is going really good so far. It's a good workout for my creativity to  plan meals from what I have on hand without purchasing very much extra each week. Comfort foods and yummy homemade soups are the main theme these days. Chicken pot pie is baking as I type this.

With my marriage... I can only speak for myself here! Working on better communication and being more faithful in prayer for my husband. We have a happy marriage, but of course, it's not perfect! We're learning to rely on God and trust Him more in many areas of our lives.

Around the homestead... Inside, candles, throws and cups of hot tea add a warm and cozy feel to our cottage. With the beginning of the New Year comes the urge to clean out and simplify. I'm working on a better and  more productive schedule for myself and purging items no longer needed. Feels great! One box of cast-offs has already been collected. Outside, leaves need to be raked!

In the sewing room... Mending for myself and a pile of alterations for a friend have been finished. I have some patterns out to make a few things for myself. I'd also like to work on some "scrap projects" with all the small pieces of fabric I have leftover from other projects.

In my "inner man"... Cultivating contentment and true joy in all circumstances. Becoming a woman who is kind in her words and gentle in action. I am so far from perfectly attaining these things, but continue to pursue them with God's help. One of my New Year's goals is to just be myself, to be as God made me, without worrying what others think so much. Not sure what all that will hold for me, other than being a life-long process, I'm sure!

What's going on in your home today?


TJ said...

You seem to have such a sweet spirit. I've thought of a daily journal but haven't started that yet either. You are a good example.

Mary Ann said...

Thank you, TJ.:-)