Saturday, November 08, 2008

Super Savings Saturday: Triple Coupon Days

At our house we open cans,
We have to open many cans.
And that is why we have a Zans.

A Zans for cans is very good.
Have you a Zans for cans?
You should!

-Dr. Suess ;One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Well, we don't open a lot of cans or have a Zans, but we do like to stack all 33 of our cans in pyramids and take pictures of them!

Harris Teeter is running their triple coupon days this weekend(Thursday through Sunday), so I ran out with my very full coupon binder to snag some deals. As soon as I entered the store, I got that rush of adrenaline that often accompanies my super coupon shopping!

Harris Teeter's regular prices are a bit high, but I was able to match some sales and coupons and come up with some pretty good bargains.

I was able to get everything in the picture(including 3 Breyer's YoCrunch yogurts that had already been eaten) for a total of $34.70. Since my before coupon total was $144.44, that means I saved 75%!

Much of this will be donated. I think I can spare a few cans of soup, Veg-all and toothpaste. :-) I was almost out of Kleenex, so I got as many as I had coupons for to hold me over until the next good sale. The Healthy Choice paninis were free with the purchase of two Healthy Choice soups which I also had coupons for.

Except for using one internet coupon, all 36 coupons that I used were from the Sunday papers. I usually buy 3 papers each week and then a friend gives me the coupons from theirs. This makes for a lot of coupons! But for triple coupon sales, it's helpful to have plenty of coupons to choose from and not just one week's worth!

Thanks to Crystal for hosting Super Savings Saturday and for running the awesome Money Saving Mom blog where I learn to save oodles of money on groceries each month!


Centsible Savings said...

Great trip! I got to do triple coupons too! There are almost always great deals to be had at Harris Teeter; I post them on my blog every Wednesday.

Manuela said...

Good deal! There is no store around here that does triple anymore. Kroger used to do it now and then and they haven't for a while.


gail said...

wow! that is so cool that you could take advantage of that. i have never lived in an area that had triple, or even double coupon deals. guess they are stingy here! heehee

Wendi said...

Great job! I miss living in Carolina's with their triple coupons.

*carrie* said...

What amazing deals!