Monday, November 10, 2008

Making My Home A Haven:Tidy

I was excited to join in with Monica's Making My Home A Haven week. My home could really use the help right now!

On my list for today was:
-clean bathroom
-clean kitchen
-clean out my closet
-catch up on my Bible study from last week

My husband woke up sick about 3 am. I had trouble going back to sleep after that. He was pretty sick so I made the executive decision to not have my childcare boys come today. (This is the first time I have had to cancel, but I didn't want the boys to be exposed to the flu and I wanted him to be able to rest.)

My schedule was off with Andy being home sick from work. I ran to the store to get him some more medicine and ginger ale.

What I got done today was:
-cleaned bathroom and kitchen(both were pretty bad!)
-took a nap(I was so tired!)
-caught up on my Bible study
-made chicken soup for Andy

The closet will just have to wait. It really needs to be done and it has bothered me something awful! It'll get done another time.:-)

I'm really glad to have the bathroom and kitchen cleaned, especially the floors! That will have to count as my tidying project for the day.

Supper tonight is homemade chicken soup for Andy and I'll be eating at our weekly church leadership meeting.

I'm looking forward to what Monica will share with us tomorrow!


thehomespunheart said...

Great job, Mary Ann, on what you accomplished today! I am sorry that your hubby is sick - hope he is feeling better soon!


gail said...

i hope your hubby gets to feeling better and you don't get it.

Arlene said...

You're doing a great job, Mary Ann -- especially in light of taking care of your sick hubby! Poor guy; I hope he gets to feeling better soon. And I second what Gail said -- I hope you don't get it, either!