Thursday, April 03, 2008

Enough Water

It seems to always be a struggle for me to be sure that I drink enough water each day. I think I'm drinking plenty until I start keeping track and I realize I'm not drinking nearly enough!

Recently I read an excellent article in the latest Beeyoutiful magazine on the benefits of drinking plenty of pure water. The article suggested filling 3 quart jars each day and being sure to drink each one as an easy way to make sure you are drinking your fill.(Change the amount of water based on weight and personal needs.)

That sounded easy enough. Mason jars are fairly plentiful in my house as well as lids to keep the water from spilling everywhere! And glass is so much better to drink from than plastic.

So now I fill 3 jars every morning and set them in the refrigerator. I keep one out where I can see it and be reminded to drink my water often. This has worked wonderfully for me!


Anonymous said...

The other thing I've found is that if I drink my water through a straw I get way more down me.

I buy pretty, colorful straws and choose which color I'm in the mood for that day. (o;

Many Blessings,

*carrie* said...

Mary Ann,

Thanks for telling me you're blogging again--welcome back. I had no idea so want to get caught up!

I love water, more than anything sugary, and take a water bottle with me everywhere I go.

Mrs. R said...

I love this idea! I have a quart size plastic bottle as well, but for some reason I seem to drink more from a mason jar. I just use one jar, though, and refill throughout the day, keeping track to make sure I get enough. People tease us because my husband and I carry Mason jars to work and school, but we know it works!