Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fun Bookmarks

I was playing around with magazine pictures and making bookmarks not long ago when I came across a stack of paint color cards that I had gotten when in the mood to paint everything.

Suddenly, they looked like bookmarks to me, so I glued two together, back to back and covered them with clear contact paper. I punched a hole at the top and put a ribbon through. Voila!!! Instant and almost free bookmark. :-) I am sure there are many ways I could embellish these with stickers and charms to make them even more artsy looking.

Not that I am advocating grabbing stacks and stacks of these from your local home improvement store, but they are free for the taking if you are thinking of doing any kind of painting projects. I also use these for cute scrapbooking borders.

I have given some for gifts and my friends just love these!


Mrs. U said...

This is TOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! I am going to HAVE to do this!!!! I have tons of these around the house because I'm always dreaming of painting, but I never quite get around to it!!

Mrs. U

Tammy said...

What a cute idea! I don't have any around the house at the moment, but I have taken many paint swatches for different projects. Now there's a use for them, instead of just throwing them away!

Sandi said...

What a simple idea, and soooo cute. When my daughter gets home from her vacaction with gramma I think we will make some. Thanks for the quick craft idea.