Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eva's Eggs


We've found an affordable source for fresh eggs! I'm very excited.

I've been able to get some fresh eggs from the farmer's market some weeks but they are usually $3.50-$4 a dozen. As many eggs as we eat, I simply cannot afford to buy a month's worth of eggs at that price. Even though they are worth every penny and are extremely nutritious.

So I was happy to discover that one of the ladies in the local Southern Gospel group that my husband is a part of has begun selling eggs from her chickens. For $2 a dozen. And she'll bring them to rehearsal each week, so I don't even have to make an extra trip even though her house isn't that far away.

I will gladly purchase what I can from her and then supplement with grocery store eggs if needed!


Wendi said...

Yeah! That is a great price. We eat a lot of eggs also. Just this month we have already gone through four dozen!

Katie said...

What a find!!! Love how the Lord provides in creative ways! :)

Happy weekend~

p.s. I didn't know your hubby was in a Southern Gospel group!? How neat!

Rhonda Sue said...

We get home grown eggs too and they are so much better than grocery store eggs. Husband buys them from some friends, I thinkthrybare $2.50 a dozen.
Glad you found an affordable source too.

Debbie J said...

That will be very convenient and a great source of some nutritional meals!