Saturday, June 29, 2013

End Of The Month Food Prep

Usually by the last week of the month, I have pretty much used all of the grocery money from our cash envelope.

We still have plenty to eat. It just may not be our first choice or the easiest choice. But there is food; usually food that needs to be prepared in some way before it's ready to grab and eat.

By Friday, our choices were looking a bit slim and the fridge a bit empty. But a glance at the produce drawer told me otherwise.

There was plenty of fresh produce; it just needed to be prepped!

We had broccoli, two rutabagas, a large head of purple cabbage, some grapes, a bunch of kale, a cucumber and two zucchini.

I set these items out on the counter and by the time the morning was over, we had food ready to eat in the fridge once again.

  • Broccoli, cucumber and  one zucchini cut up to eat as fresh veggies.
  • Rutabaga peeled and diced into chunks to be cooked and mashed like mashed potatoes. 
  • One zucchini sliced for stir-fry.
  • Grapes picked over and ready to grab for a snack. 
  • Kale chopped for cooking. 
  • Large cabbage leaves set aside to be used for lettuce wraps.
  • The rest of the cabbage made into a slaw. 
I had also boiled a dozen eggs  to have ready to eat!

Amazing how a little prep work can open up so many more possibilities for meals and snacks! And taking care to use these things prevents food waste and stretches my grocery dollars too.


Georgene G. said...

My favorite kind of cooking! You did great!

Katie said...

Great job, Mary Ann! What a blessing to your family, health, and budget!

I'm trying to incorporate more raw foods into our diet ~ less cooking/baking. A transition that will take some time.

Love how your creativity & frugality stretched and multiplied.

Have a great week & a blessed Independence Day!