Thursday, July 05, 2012

Whose Cup Is It?

What do you do when you have a couple extra kids in the house and you can't keep the cups straight?

Using a Sharpie, write each child's name on a wide rubber band (saved from produce) and slip them onto the cups.

Problem solved. And the rubber band provides a grip too which is sometimes helpful for little ones!

I can't take credit for this since I saw it on a blog somewhere years ago. Definitely a useful little thing!


Anonymous said...

I wish those were my cups. I love vintage strawberry shortcake:-)
Cheryl Weaver

Mary Ann said...

Me too, Cheryl! I got those at a yard sale back when I was a teenager-- harder to find that stuff cheap now! They're the perfect size for little hands!

Rhonda said...

really good idea.

My grands still use sippy cups and I getting tired of them for multiple reasons- as usual, you inspire me :)

Margo said...

that is brilliant! I've been wanting to keep glasses straight around here so we don't dirty so many.