Monday, August 22, 2011

How To Find Another Closet

1) Pick a  room that has two doorways.

2) Decide you only need one doorway for daily use. 

3) Block the other doorway with back to back bookshelves--instant closet.

4) Fill your new closet  with all sorts of kitchen equipment and stuff.

5) Plan to hang a curtain just as soon as you find that tension rod you know you have somewhere.

6) Look for tension rod.

7) Keep looking for tension rod.

8) Find tension rod in the corner of your closet months later.

9) Sew a simple curtain and hang it up.

10) Voila! You just found another closet!


Rhonda said...

very clever idea!
I am planning on sewing a door curtain for a pantry soon. When I sorted it out last week, I took off the door that opens into the pantry and found it was so much roomier with the door. But it needs a cover now.

yours is so pretty.

gail said...

that's a great idea! wish i had a room with 2 doors right now =) out of the many (20+) homes i've lived in throughout my life i can only think of 1 house, no make that 2 houses that had a room with 2 doorways. and they were both built before 1950. so it must be the older homes that have that.

Mary Ann said...


Yep, it's an older house! With small rooms, I try to use the spaces to the max. This helps! Also, since the doorway that has no door is now blocked, it makes that room (the office) much more toddler proof.:-)

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Rhonda,

Fortunately, this doorway had no door so I just stuffed it full. Makes the office a lot more toddler-proof! hahaha

The curtain was cheap thrift store fabric from last winter. I didn't even hem the edges...

Wendi said...

Great use of space! It doesn't seem like there is ever enough storage.

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann, you are so clever! I wish you could arrange a tour so all of your blog friends could come see your decorating, organizing, cooking, and craft skills in action!

Mary Ann said...

Mary Bailey,

You make me laugh! :-)