Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stretching Maple Syrup

You know how you do certain things and never even think twice about it? This is one of those tips.

My family visited last week and I served pancakes with real maple syrup for breakfast one morning. One of our baby steps to a healthier diet included switching to real maple syrup.

I probably don't need to tell you how expensive real maple syrup is. We have been purchasing it at Costco in a large container which is a better price than the regular grocery or health food store, but still...it is costly.

We try to just use less on our pancakes but how do you do this when you're pouring out of a large container?

My husband's solution: Instead of pulling the seal completely off the top just tear or poke a small hole in the top instead. It makes it much easier to control the pouring and less comes out.

I hadn't even thought about it until my sister commented on what a good idea it was since they always have trouble with pouring too much. It's so simple but it really does work!

Some other ideas for making the maple syrup last longer or more frugal options for drowning your pancakes:

1) Use less.

2) Pour syrup into a small container or pitcher. Small containers will often help us to be more mindful of our consumption because it's obviously not an endless supply.

3) Use honey instead.

4) Spread pancakes with peanut butter and jam. We especially like apple butter.

5) Make a fruit syrup by cooking and thickening fresh or frozen fruit. My mom would make fruit syrup for us and it was a great treat! Stephanie makes a syrup that is very similar. This is especially frugal if you have fruit on hand! Strawberry, peach, blackberry and blueberry were always our favorites! Raspberry would be delicious, too, but not as much of a frugal option where I live.

6) FishMama sprinkles powdered sugar on her children's pancakes.

7) Pancakes made with fruit such as Banana Oat Pancakes may be sweet enough that they do not need syrup.

8) Make your own syrup. This will not be the same as real maple syrup but is an option. I use to do this all the time before switching to natural, unrefined sweeteners. I think it would still work with Sucanat or Evaporated Cane Juice Crystals but I haven't tried it yet.

9) Dip pancakes and waffles in the syrup instead of pouring it on the plate. This would especially work well for many young children who like to dip foods. This would eliminate the puddles of syrup left on the plate after the pancakes are eaten. Use small ramekins or little "dipping bowls".

How do you like to eat your pancakes and waffles?

**This post is part of Kitchen Tip Tuesdays.


Kathryn said...

Knox likes to dip his pancakes in syrup in a tiny condiment dish. It helps keep the stickies in one small spot.
We also like applesauce. This is especially good with plain pancakes or ones that are leftover (middle of the afternoon snack).
Another favorite is homemade chocolate syrup with some leftover whipped cream. I make the homemade choc. syrup with Rapadura and its a huge hit at our house.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the extra ideas, Kathryn!

We also like applesauce on pancakes. That was one that I forgot to mention so I'm glad you added that!

Dave @ Home School Dad said...

That's a good idea! We use real maple syrup and I pour a small amount on a teaspoon before putting it on pancakes, that way we don't get too much.
Amy R. :)

chris said...

great info on the diet industry's dirty little secrets!