Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Of Picnics #2

For our second picnic of the season, we traveled a long distance to our front porch!

I've been wanting a table for our porch for a while. A table makes for a nice place to sit and eat and also gives a charming cottage look. We found a sturdy card table at a yard sale this spring. The only problem was that the top is damaged and needs to be covered to look nice.:-) We went ahead and brought it home since I would use a tablecloth anyways! For $5, it will serve us well until we find something nicer.

All that to say, we ate at our front porch table for this picnic!

Because we weren't going anywhere, I didn't bother packing our meal in a basket. Instead, I just filled our plates and took them outside.

A candle and wild rose decorated our table.

The menu:
--Ham and Swiss quiche
--Sliced strawberries
--Chocolate Chip-Raspberry cookies

Simple and sweet!

We definitely will be eating outside more this summer!


Anonymous said...

That looks lovely and the food looks delish! Is the recipe posted on your blog?


Mary Ann said...

Hi Barb,
What recipe are you interested in?

Thanks for your comment!

Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann,
What a lovely idea. We can all have a picnic really whenever we choose to. :)

I think your menu looks lovely. Would you be willing to share the recipes for the quiche and the cookies?

Mary Ann said...

Hi Lyn,

You're right.:-)

I'll be glad to share the recipe for the quiche. I'm planning on doing that sometime soon anyways.

The cookies are a basic chocolate chip cookie with chocolate-raspberry swirled chocolate chips in them. That's all. I had some given to me and I just used them instead of regular chocolate chips! If you're interested in my basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, let me know!

Nice to hear from you again, friend!
Mary Ann