Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Scratch Paper

We always end up with lots of papers around here that have only been printed on one side. I use these for coloring papers for my child-care kids, but I end up with way too many for even them to go through!

Yesterday, I cut a pile of paper into quarters and placed them in a small basket with a couple of pens by the phone to use for scratch paper.

While I am making an effort to not print out so many things, not throwing away perfectly good paper(on one-side anyways!) is just one small way that I can reduce the amount of paper waste in my home.

Do you have any other ideas on this?


Nichole said...

I do the same thing! It's amazing what you end up with even if your printer is out of ink and you don't use it anymore -- lol. I don't know how it happens, but even putting the scraps in a basket with pens doesn't seem to get rid of it as fast as I can accumulate it so I also grab a pile and clip it to the refrigerator for my shopping list. I have a friend who uses them even for correspondence with close friends so those are two more ideas!

Annaid said...

I also do the same thing. And then after you've used both sides, you can recycle it!

Anonymous said...

I keep some by my computer for notetaking, use some for the kids to use for drawing or math practice, write notes to dh on some, and cut some into squares to make "flash cards" for Emme.


alice said...

We keep the scratch paper in the printer, so that we print out the random, everyday things on the backside. If we have to print something on fresh paper, we just add it in when it's needed. (No need for the tax forms to get printed out on the back of an old coupon!)

A friend would glue 1/4 pages together to make small notebooks- he'd found the gummy glue that manufacturers use for notepads.