Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: Trash Cans In Every Room

This week I'll share a very simple idea that helps to keep my home neater and works for me!

It's so easy- keep a small trashcan in almost every room. This way there is a quick and immediate way to dispose of trash instead of leaving it out waiting for when I go into the other room where the trashcan is.

I have a tiny plastic one with a lid on my dryer for dryer lint and other laundry and pantry trash. A small lined wicker basket works in the dining room for when I am sewing, sorting mail or paying bills-I just move it to right beside me and the trash goes right in where it belongs. I also have one in the bedroom and of course, the bathroom and kitchen! The bulk of our garbage goes in the kitchen trash can, so that one is larger. I keep a smaller lidded one beside the kitchen trash can for recyclables. It just keeps everything looking neater and eliminates small piles of trash and reduces steps in the long run.

The several lined wicker wastebaskets that I have came from yard sales for only 25 or 50 cents each. The plastic ones are mostly from the dollar store. I used a cardboard box for my recyclables until I found a nice white one at a yard sale.

Keeping trash where it belongs- that's what works for me!

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Mom2fur said...

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best ones. I like to keep trash cans all over my house, too! My trouble is remembering to put them up and out of the way when the ferrets are out to play. Nothing attracts a nosy ferret better than a full trash can, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Good idea. I can't tell you how many times I end up with a project going on and no trash can nearby. I keep saying I'll add one to my hobby room and just haven't done it. Now's the time!

Unknown said...

That definitely works for me too!

Wilma said...

I have 10 trashcans and 8 rooms in my house. I love having a trashcan closeby when I need it. I even keep a small trashcan in the van. It helps keep a vehicle more clutter-free.