Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Our sunflowers and zinnias are finally in full bloom. They look so pretty and are probably the most successful part of my gardening experience this year. The sunflowers are a smaller red variety and not quite as tall as their giant yellow relatives. (One stalk is six feet tall when the seed packet said only four to five feet.) The bees have appeared with the blooming of the flowers, which is fine as long as I am not there at the same time.:-)
I found a sweet little poem that I want to share with you. I don't know who wrote it. It reminds me of the simple joys of nature.

The wind whispering through the trees,
The soft and peaceful buzz of bees,
The scent of flowers on the breeze,
All that I ask please, is these.


esther said...

Hi Mary Ann,
I found your blog and enjoy it. You will have to come over and "visit" with me, and get to know me and my kiddos better. So Nate got you blogging. It is fun. I also enjoy the outlet of writing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but I found this sight and love to visit it... as a homemaker & mother this is very inspiring and refreshing. Keep the posts coming!